Monday, March 30, 2009

No new pictures ATM.
But today in my 3rd hour, dance class, our dances we were supposed to be making up were due!
Me and my partner were so ready!
We started out awesome! But then....
The music just like... stopped in the middle of the dance and Ms. Swift told us to just keep going and sing along with the music or something. We ended up so off time with eachother and probably failing miserably. =/
Ugh stupid plug.

Oh and this creepy stalker kid that used to try and touch me in my 6th hour finally got moved across the room, so I'm a very happy camper. I got to read peacefully. Even though it was math class.... =/

So much to make up for O_O

Okay! So I finally got pictures! Not amazing ones, but they are there. I have them up to sunday from friday or thursday. Kinda. Lol. But yay!!

Okay so Thursday was just like any other Thursday! Me and Ashley danced! We recorded her dancing to Onna ni Sachi Are, but we were unable to upload it right away. =/ So I'll try to get it up asap!! But I'm still doing that group dance that kyaakya is hosting, so look forward to that soon! And I'm very sorry if I have been slow with the requests lately. I'll work harder for you! Yoroshiku ne~!

Now Friday!
This was a very sleepy morning for me. :( So I slept in for two class periods and then came to school forgetting we had an assembly for third period!! So the schedule was changed around so i ended up missing 3rd hour as well in this confusion. -_-;; After the assembly I had nothing better to do than wait in the bathroom for fourth period to start. I felt like such a loser taking this picture lol.

So then right after school I went down to Kevin's house to celebrate his little brother's first birthday! He's gotten so huge. That's one huuuge Asian baby. There were so many people there and me and Autumn were like the only two white people there until Matt and Chelsea showed up. Haha. Here is from left to right (In this blurry blurry bluuuurrry picture) Mannylyn, One-year-old Tyler, Mommy Vangie, and Autumn who looks like she has two sets of teeth here lol.

That night Me, Kevin, Matt, Chelsea, Mannylyn and Autumn went to the garage to smoke hookah. I also messed with my new phone's camera finctions while in there!

In the morning I messed with my camera again lol.

Then I went with my mother to Panda Express! Mmmm! I love me some fake Chinese food. Beijing Beef is delicious! We have Panda and Subway pretty much alternating every weekend.

Then that night I went to the movies with Roger, Chayla, and Dylan. I don't have any pictures, unfortunately, though. =( It was fun! We saw "The Haunting in Conneticut". I thought it would be a lot scarier than it was. It was pretty confusing overall. I'd give it 3 out of 5, in all honesty. >.>

I ended up getting hone at like 12 am. -.-;; I was so sleepy!

In the morning me and my mom and siblings went to Walmart and Subway! It was a delicious weekend. =)
Then we went to the post office! My mom went in and we waited. An adventure oh my goodness! Haha. The kids fell asleep with cheeto stained faces. The pic is my mom, btw lol.

Then that night Kevin came over and we watched Jim Gaffigan's new "King Baby". I love him so much, but his first one was better. I also wrestled with Cameron. XD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay so I was suppooooosed to post a long post today with pictures and everything, but my memory card reader in my laptop is being lame. =/ So I have to wait until my dad eventually lets me use the desktop computer. Which will be hopefully tomorrow. Or tonight. Or in a year... Jeez he makes me hate ebay. Well, in the meantime I'll take lots of pictures and then post a mega post!!! =O

Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st time!

Okay so this is my first post on my new blog! I'll be posting a real one later tonight when I get home from the movies, but for now I just wanna get it started a little! I'll also make it look a little better tonight, as well. Well, I gotta go get ready to leave! Woo! Exciting.