Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My sister's Birthday~~! We went to Chuck E. Cheese's!
It's a pizza restaurant and arcade, and it has a guy in a mouse costume that throws tickets at people and ignores your children. YAY! :D.... -_-
I had fun with the Dance Dance Revolution, though!
They had great songs! Like H.O.T's Git it Up, and Boa's Valenti!


The birthday girl and my brother~

The kids were SO afraid of this ride! They were screaming because it almost tipped them all the way backwards!! I was scared they might fall out. O_O; So they decided to go in the smaller one instead.....

We started playing games right after we finished eating pizza! :D
I WON SO MANY TICKETS! From only one game...

I felt weird taking this picture. xD

Presents Yay~~My mother and I and some cotton candy! :0

Blurry picture of me, my father, and sister!She is so cute~! :D


There was a stage where if you stand on it if front of a camera, you can be seen on the TV screen. :D We danced around~
At the bottom picture, I was looking up at the screens.

Yes, I know the picture is sideways... xD
I was trying to shake his hand... :0
Sideways again~ Haha But this was in front of the DDR machine! :D

Cake and singing Happy Birthday at home.
It was a good day. ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

I reached 2,000 subscribers on Youtube! Thanks everyone! ^^ <3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So these pictures were for Cruel Angels and I don't want them to go to waste so I'm putting them here.
But OMG I realized. It would be so fun to make something like a photobook.
I'm thinking sometime Ashley and I should make a digital photobook type thing.
But maybe when I hit 2,000 subscribers.
I don't know. If you want it, I will do it. :)
It will be fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I'm doing a 3 part Morning Musume Medley dance! ^^
It will go in order of oldest to newest, and only ones with decent dances...

I already mixed my first part (Has Love Machine, Koi no Dance Site, Renai Revolution, The Peace, Souda! We're Alive, Do it! Now, Koko ni Iruzee!, and Hyokkori Hyoutanjima.)
And it is about 9 minutes long. :0
It's not very well mixed... :(

Does anyone have any tips or anything to mixing songs?
Any programs or tricks? :D
I'm so bad at it. xD;;;

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I want to say thank you to everyone who still supports me even though I turned down this opportunity...
I feel like it was the best thing to do at this time in my life.
I'm going to go to college soon, and I'll focus on that for a bit.
Hopefully I will get another chance to follow my dream again.
I will never stop dancing!
So look forward to more Bekah. :)
And still support Cruel Angels!

Next dance is almost perfected! Princess Bride.
I might record it this week. If not, then next Monday!

And Morning Musume's new Dance Shot will be coming out when the single does. (on the dvd of one of the versions) That is the 28th. I will learn the dance RIGHT when it comes out. Kimagure Princess is ahead of everything else on my list. Any Morning Musume dance is always top priority to me.

Also, since a lot of people are asking for tutorials or Slow/mirrored versions of my dances, I think some time soon I will make another youtube account with all slow/mirrored versions of the ones that were requested, and tutorials if I get time to do them, and any others anyone will need. I'm going to make a vlog soon asking for requests and if people would want it. If you want a mirrored version of one I haven't done, I will make it top priority on my list. Or one me and Ashley did together, I will actually record a new video of me doing it myself, for easier learning.

I think I'm also going to re-do Maki Goto's Glass no Pumps. That was my first comeback video, and I wish to make it better.

There was something else I wanted to say... but I don't remember what it was.
I have a bad memory. ^^;
When it comes to me, I will post it. xD

Sunday, October 11, 2009

So many posts today about the much changing life of Bekah. :/
I jumped the gun too quickly and it turns out my mother can't take the time off.
She talked to her boss today and they wont let her. Foot down.
And now my father doesn't want me to go if my mom doesn't go.
So looks like I probably wont be a Cruel Angel.
But some day I will make it to Japan, I know it. :)
Please keep supporting me until then.
I'm sorry.
Nevermind, I'm still going on the 23rd.
Bur now, my mother is coming with me so I feel less scared!
I'm a lot happier.
Still scared to death of the plane, but feeling more confident.
Hmmmm... turns out I might just go to Japan a lot later...
I don't like how I'm afraid of planes.
I hate myself for it.
I wish I could just take a boat.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is safe to tell you guys now~~!
I'm going to Japan on October 23rd! Arriving on the 24th at maybe 17:00~ around that time.
I'm SO excited!!
A little nervous about the plane, because I am scared of them.
But I think I will have courage because I want to go to Japan!
I'm going and meeting Beckii (xBextahx) and her mother, and Sarah (HelloPeachS)!
I will be sharing a room with Sarah~
We will be doing lots of fun things!
I will be sure to take pictures and post them here!
Oh and I think I will do a bit of advertising for my good friend Beckii...

Order her DVD and the CDs her songs are on! :D <3


CD #1 (男女 1st track)

CD #2 (遠い空雲をくぐり 1st track)