Sunday, October 11, 2009

So many posts today about the much changing life of Bekah. :/
I jumped the gun too quickly and it turns out my mother can't take the time off.
She talked to her boss today and they wont let her. Foot down.
And now my father doesn't want me to go if my mom doesn't go.
So looks like I probably wont be a Cruel Angel.
But some day I will make it to Japan, I know it. :)
Please keep supporting me until then.
I'm sorry.


  1. Why the sudden change of mind with your dad? Was he okay with you going in the first place? I'm really sorry Bekah. Don't give up hope just yet!

    You still have 10 days to figure out everything. Talk with Sarah and Beckii see what their plans are make sure they didn't make accomidations for you and if they did, see if you can guilt your dad into letting you go. :P

    If at all possible try and get your dad to go with you. It may not be as fun or adventurus but this way you still have a chance!

    Don't be sorry just yet!!!!

  2. Whoa. I am so sorry, Becka. I feel like I have kind of gotten to know you over the past several months and I know that your heart has been 100% in this. To have the doors closed now seems like...well...impossible. You have such an incredible spirit and kindness. You're beautiful and enthusiastic. You have SO MUCH to offer. I am really hoping and praying a door will open for you, if not into this, something as exciting if not more exciting.

  3. My dad was never truly okay with me going. :/
    Every time I said "I'm nervous about the plain again. ;_;" He said "Well good. Just don't go. :0"
    My mom supported me, just not him.

    Honestly, I'm kind of okay.
    I think I want to start school for now.
    Maybe I will have another chance again.
    I sure hope so. :)

    And you guys should really sign the bottom with who you are. xD
    But I'm probably too young to think about it now.

  4. My bad, The first post was me! (Trevor) No idea who the 2nd poster is. I've got nothing better to do tonight so I've just been going over peoples blogs, facebooks, myspaces, and or e-mails to see if anyones doing anything. Kinda late now, I should go to sleep I've got class and work tommarrow XD

    I'm really sorry to hear about everything. I'm glad your okay with it. Well sort of. Well you know, your glad you don't have to go on an airplane but bummed out that you missed a great oppertunity. Um, yeah...

    Other opertunities will come! Don't fret about that! You will go to Japan! If it's truly something you want to do. Good things come to those who wait. (Atleast that's how I think the say'n goes!) :)

    Take things easy for now. Enjoy the little things. Take some classes and get a feel for school agian. If you can try and get a part time job at like Longs (CVS here in California) or Walgreens any place with a pharmacy.

    I think it would be good to get an idea of what its like to work with people who run pharmacies. (I work at Safeway and trust me it's not easy standing on your feet for 8 hours.)

    That way you can get an idea of what to expect out of your future profession. :D

    Ah, crap. I wrote a lot a again. I really need to learn how to get to the point faster. I think I just like to talk alot. :P

    I'm sorry things didn't work out. Don't beat yourself up about it. Keep doing what you do!


  5. Don't be sorry Bekah!
    If you feel better this way, then this is the right decision for you.(^-^)

    I myself had the chance to go to Korea but I didn't go because:

    a) I don't speak the language
    b) it would have been right in the middle of the Taifun season
    c) it would have been quite expensive
    d) some Koreans really hate Japanese very maybe that the case with Half-Japanese too

  6. Don't be sorry Bekah.
    when you coming to Japan with your family. I'll help!

    sightseeing, clothes, eat and of course you can buy lots of Kawaii stuff =)

    To Manny.

    Come to Japan! nice experience awaits you =)