Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My sister's Birthday~~! We went to Chuck E. Cheese's!
It's a pizza restaurant and arcade, and it has a guy in a mouse costume that throws tickets at people and ignores your children. YAY! :D.... -_-
I had fun with the Dance Dance Revolution, though!
They had great songs! Like H.O.T's Git it Up, and Boa's Valenti!


The birthday girl and my brother~

The kids were SO afraid of this ride! They were screaming because it almost tipped them all the way backwards!! I was scared they might fall out. O_O; So they decided to go in the smaller one instead.....

We started playing games right after we finished eating pizza! :D
I WON SO MANY TICKETS! From only one game...

I felt weird taking this picture. xD

Presents Yay~~My mother and I and some cotton candy! :0

Blurry picture of me, my father, and sister!She is so cute~! :D


There was a stage where if you stand on it if front of a camera, you can be seen on the TV screen. :D We danced around~
At the bottom picture, I was looking up at the screens.

Yes, I know the picture is sideways... xD
I was trying to shake his hand... :0
Sideways again~ Haha But this was in front of the DDR machine! :D

Cake and singing Happy Birthday at home.
It was a good day. ^^


  1. おめでと!! か~わいい~ ^^

  2. Oh, those a really cute picture!^^ That was a happy day for the whole family.

    Chuck E. Cheese is a great place for kids. Sadly we don't have such places here.
    ...but people go often to McDonald to celebrate a children s birthday.

    I like the birthday cake. It seems to have a lot of cream. I really love cream. Hence my favorite cake is the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forrest Cherry Cake)

  3. Hahaha You guys are awesome!

    There arn't many Chuckie Cheeses here in my area I see them every once in a while. I see more Nickle City Arcades than I do CCs.
    The place is empty what gives?! :O

    That's your Mom?! You have her eyes. :P
    Well okay, the pictures kinda fuzzy but it looks like it to me! :D

    That's a ton of tickets!! What'd you get? :O

    DDR is the best hands down. That and a Street Fighter arcade stand. I play a mean Fei Long!

    Your Dad doesn't look like the conspiracy theorist you described at all, or is that a disguise for when he goes out in public?
    I'm just playin :P

    I'm a week late but tell the Birthday girl I said Happy Birthday! XD

  4. Brother and sister, it's really cute.
    and your dad is pretty damn good!
    That's a nice family. ;)
    I like D.D.R, but my play is lousy.

  5. I bet you beat the high score on that ddr didnt you