Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is safe to tell you guys now~~!
I'm going to Japan on October 23rd! Arriving on the 24th at maybe 17:00~ around that time.
I'm SO excited!!
A little nervous about the plane, because I am scared of them.
But I think I will have courage because I want to go to Japan!
I'm going and meeting Beckii (xBextahx) and her mother, and Sarah (HelloPeachS)!
I will be sharing a room with Sarah~
We will be doing lots of fun things!
I will be sure to take pictures and post them here!
Oh and I think I will do a bit of advertising for my good friend Beckii...

Order her DVD and the CDs her songs are on! :D <3


CD #1 (男女 1st track)

CD #2 (遠い空雲をくぐり 1st track)


  1. Congratulation Bekah. I sooo happy for you (^-^)

    I am afraid of planes, too. But I am sure you will be fine. You are a tough girl.

    I wish you safe journey, lots of fun and the best of luck for your career.

    I checked out those links. Beckii is aleady famous , isn't she? I am very glad for her.^^

    Please tell us when your CD/DVD comes out!

    ....and be careful when you are in Japan. They drive on the "wrong" side. I got almost hit by a car because silly me was looking in the wrong direction when I crossed a street in Osaka.It is left-hand traffic in Japan.

  2. Big Hugs For These Achievements Bekah!