Sunday, September 27, 2009

Okay, so this post is partially for my memory, but it's for you as well, if you are interested.
This is a list of all the dances I plan to do, in order, for the next few videos.
I will be doing them IN THIS ORDER. >< No matter what. I will learn them the best I can.
This means #1 will be my next dance, and so on and so on.

1. Love Dokyun
2. After School - Diva
3. Princess Bride
4. Saikyou Pare Parade
5. Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra (No, I'm not doing that middle part. xD;;)
6. Any Hinoi Team song I feel like doing ATM.
7. Cyndi Wang - Ai Ni
8. Toroden
9. 4 Minute - Muzik
10. Perfume - One Room Disco

There might be random dances I already know in between these, but I am doing these particular dances ABSOLUTELY FOR SURE, and in this order.


  1. Great I'll be waiting for these dances!!

  2. really excited about toroden. i still have problems with the feet sliding thing =\
    cant wait for diva either, its a cool dance v(^0^)v