Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated.
But I was feeling a little sick yesterday, and it gave me a headache to look at the computer. ^^;;


I am holding back on crying right now.... :(
Sigh I have had a very rude man try to put me in a bad mood on Youtube today.
Sometimes I wonder if there truly IS something wrong with men...

He has insulted me quite a bit just because he told me some sick things, and then I told him that I do not want to hear about him "pleasuring" himself to my videos... that I think it's gross.
Then out of nowhere he started saying I was unattractive and making me out to be an ugly whore who is only looking for attention.
He wont stop and I had to remove several comments from my page and some videos because they were vulgar and mean.

When I get these kinds of thoughts expressed to me, my self-esteem does go down a little, but I still am going because of so many people who are supporting me.
And I want to thank you guys.
Very much.
Please keep supporting me in the future, with whatever I may do.
I'm sorry for this kind of sad blog.



  1. Bekah, I'm sorry to hear that. There will always be creeps, scumbags, assholes and perverts. It's hard to not get emotional when you read unwated comments left by those who are only their for their own personal means. I hope you can get past what's happend and keep doing what you love to do! Don't let them get you down.

    Fight back! If things start becoming uncomfortable; get help! Report them and do what it takes to get out of the sistuation. Most of all get them away from you! You have more courage than I ever will for doing what you did. Most girls wouldn't want to show their friends let alone the whole world something that brings them such joy.

    Don't ever be sorry! Don't ever stop doing what you love! Don't ever stop being Bekah!

  2. I blocked them from my account, and I'm trying to avoid these kinds of people at all costs now. No more responding to those kinds of comments or messages.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    It really brought my spirits up. :)
    I appreciate everything you said!
    Thank you for helping me get through it.

    I love you so much.
    <3 Bekah

  3. Hi Bekah!

    I am very sorry to hear that. Don't let those people get under your skin. That is just what they want.

    They want to bully no matter what you do. They just want to mess with your mind.

    Sadly I must say you don't only meet these people on YouTube, but also in the real world.

    …..and it is a bad thing when they are your boss.

    The most disturbing creep I have ever met so far was in a hospital. I was 5 or 6 years old. and in a room with 4 other boys . We all get along quite fine except one. He borrowed toys from us and gave it back broken. He wasn't stronger than us. In fact I was bigger and stronger than him. So one day he asked me if he could read my Manga. Due to past experiences I was reluctant. He promised not to break anything so I gave my Manga to him....and got it back with drawings inside, I felt stupid and I was angry but I didn't retaliate and he never asked for anything again.
    ….it was most disturbing because we were all so young..what could have gotten wrong in such an early age?

    Please don't be sad Bekah! (^-^)

    Best Wishes!


  4. woah. dont let those tossers bring you down!
    most guys are like that. first they think ur the most beautiful girl in the world and when u reject them for whatever reason, they tell u ur ugly and all. broken pride or whatever its called in english. they think if u make them feel bad, they have a right to hurt u as well.
    immature to the extrem.
    i had guys like that when i was havin webcam chats with my friends. some dimwits would come in and tell me i'm so cute and stuff and when i told them i had a boyfriend or whatever, they started pointin out that i'm not cute at all and look like a guy and whatnot.
    anyways, like i said, dont let them bring you down, specially when they hide behind the internet. not that i want them come up to you in person of course, that would be kinda creepy. they're probably some 12 year olds tryin to sound cool or whatever.
    hope you feel better soon