Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sorry for not updating lately. (._.) It seems as though the laptop I normally use broke... along with everything else I touch! AHHH! :( First my hard drive, then my satellite, then my laptop. What next?? My brother?? No! :o So this means... the videos that Ashley and I recorded last week (Rainbow Pink and Nanchatte Renai) are forever lost. And I didn't back them up on my hard drive because I was lazy. ;_; I learned my lesson~ We will record them again sometime. SIGH=3

Ok! So my next dance is definitely going to be SNSD's "Genie", but after that, which one out of these is best?:

"Bouken deshou? Deshou?", "Cagayake Girls", "Greeds Accident", "Kotoko Princess Bride", "Kuuzen Miman wa Misenaide", "Saikyou Pare Parade", or "Toroden"?


  1. Bouken Deshou Deshou ^_^


  2. bouken deshou deshou and toroden :D