Saturday, September 5, 2009

OMG! I was in the Morning Musume in LA documentary thing. :D
For about 2 seconds. xD
Haha here is a screen shot of it.

That is Me, Ashley, and Dan (danzarely2)! Over by Sayumi Koharu and Junjun!
I'm surprised we weren't in here more... We had our faces in the camera every chance we got.


  1. You appeard in the other scenes too at 03:37 in this video on Youtube.

    The morning musume first in the United States landing live 1of7


  2. Eh? Really? I do not see myself at 3:37. O_O;;

  3. Sorry, I made a mistake.
    It is not 03:37, it is 06:37.

  4. I uploaded screen shots. check it.:)