Sunday, April 12, 2009

So I don't really remember which day I left off. Maybe two Thursdays ago?
Lol I'll take it from Friday since that Thursday had so many issues.... that I don't want to talk about. :/
So friday(not last friday, the one before.)!!
Regular day, a bit stressful because of certain reasons, but first hour was cool! ^_^ I goteyeliner on my nose and mikaela read powerade ingredients. Heh it wasn't exciting really, but its one of my favorites. :)

Then you can finally see my dance partner at school! Her name is Breanna!

So after 4th hour I got really stressed out and just went home early. So I made pancakes! :D
I'm usually pretty bad at flipping, so I took this before I flipped it just in case, but they turned out amazing. ^.^

That night was a ladies night! Haha Me and Ashley went to Relay for Life at our school track, which is a marathon that lasts all night and it's to help fund orginizations that try to find ways to cure cancer. There was a band that had all of our friends and Ashley's boyfriend playing and the German teacher singing in it. They were headlining! They were the highlight of the night. It was amazing!!

That day was awesome. Then I went to Kevin's on Saturday and we hung out. It's been a bit since I saw him. We kinda got in a little fight. :/ But here we are in my hair as mustaches! :D

Then there was pretty much no more pictures from that day. Sunday I went out with my mom and sister to a few different places. These are pictures of my sister and brother with the easter bunny! My brother was really scared. XD

Then I got a hair cut! Not that niticeable really, but everyone has been saying it's a lot shorter. O_O

Well anyway, that weekend is over, and now bedtime picture! Lol I was exhausted. Classwork kept me up.

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