Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So not last weekend, but the weekend before that I went camping! These are the people I went with!

Rebecca (Yes we have the same name! Just spelled different):

Kevin (Which you already have seen here; My man!):

Brad (Rebecca's Boyfriend):

Rico (This kid is CRAZY):

Courtney (She's very pretty but the girl drives INSANE):

Gonzo (He's so layed back and can think of the funniest things to say!):

David (He is a really nice guy, but sometimes really cocky)

Chris (He was silly!):

Rachael (Rebecca's little sister):

Yes, we're a very colorful bunch. We had a goooood time! Here are a bunch of pictures! But they're insanely out of order! I apologize for that. XD

We were all in the back of Courtney's pick up on the way to the creek. OMG she was driving too fast. >.<
Haha that is gonzo! Don't you just love his hat? Later on he put on a big brown robe and glasses and was holding a stick for roasting marshmallows and he looked like someone from harry potter. It was so adorable!

We were chilling on the rocks at the creek. IT was so hard to climb around here in only flip flops. :( Mine broke! So I had to go half bare footed. O_O;;;

Still chilling on the rocks.
We were going on a hiking trail and had to stop to take a picture.
Kevin made me and Rebecca keep a walkie talkie while they went to look for wood! And it's a good thing, too! Because they broke down on the way there.

Quick pose for a picture. I was confused and didnt know they were taking one really. But Rico and Gonzo were! Gonzo was holding knives and acting like he was gonna chop off Kevin's head... o____o And Rico was just being silly.

Haha Rico pulled down his pants a little and I was in the background and Becca had me look like I was smacking his butt. XD

Another picture on the way to the creek! Naughty Kevin!!!

Relaxing. ^.^

Me coming out of the tent in the morning. Rebecca caught me with a picture right away! >_<

Another one of us on our way to the creek. Told you these were mixed up. And Kevin is being naughty again. -___-;
The boys. :P

David said his knife could hold up to 200 pounds so brad hammered it into a tree and decided to test it out. Haha what a lame-o. But it did hold him up!
Another picture while we were hiking in the same place as the last time.
We were climbing down to the creek here. Rebecca wanted a picture so I gave her one. XD

Gonzo jumped into the water!!! In only his boxers! He's so crazy! It was freeeezing!

Still chilling on the rocks. We did this for a while. The boys were fishing trout here in the creek. SOOOO LONG.
Well this camping trip was fun, but very cold at night and scorching hot during the afternoon! My face got sunburned! :(


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