Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today I left my phone at home on accident, therefore I have no pictures from school at all. :(
But today was a late start because underclassmen had to take a state test. So I slept in todayyy!
Didn't have to be at school until 11:00! Happy day~~!
Lunch came quick, but I spent half of it talking with Dylan to Kathy - a girl I haven't had a good conversation with in forever! I could tell Dylan was getting impatient with us. XD
He kept hinting at me to come to lunch. Lol
But thats ok. :) Her new nephew is adorable.
So the day really went by fast! Because there were only 4 hours of school. 4, 5, 6, 7.

But when I got home I was SO BORED! And I couldn't go anywhere because I thought I had to help my dad watch the kids. But my mom ended up not going to her class, so I spent a whole day on the computer for no reason. :(

Man I'm getting stressed about school. I'm getting worry lines! :0!!

I uploaded a new dance today though! Kusumi Koharu's Happy Happy Sunday! <3>

Oh and Super Junior's new album - I love it. Even though one song sounds awfully familiar. :/ But that's okay. I love SuJu so much! Sorry Sorry is very addicting. I'm gonna learn the dance! It is going to be so difficult, but wish me luck! I reccommend Super Junior's Sorry Sorry to everyone! Good moving tune.

Man I didn't know what to do at all today. -_-; I was so bored of my online class. I know I need to finish it soon. Like this week. But I couldn't get to work for some reason. So I ate pizza!!

This picture blurred so my nose looks big. O_O It's not really that huge. I know I'm white, but jeez I'm not THAT big. Anywho, ignore the room, I'm a studying high school student I can be messy if I like. It's mostly papers from school anyway. But this pizza was so good! Barros pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, and green pepper. I know I should eat something healthier, but I deserve it. >.<

Well, today wasn't much of a blogging day, I must admit. Nothing inspired me. :/ Bloggers Block! Haha. I'm going to sleep now, hunnies. Night! <3>

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