Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Tuesdayyy~!
I actually got to school on time for once! Lol
So mikaela took my phone and messed around with my camera like I did and did this with the bags that were on our table.
I'll give you points if you can guess which one is mine. ;)

And by the way, my first class is ceramics. I love it!! I have made a lot of things so far, but I'm so unlucky - everything has been blowing up in the kiln. :( I made this cute rattling giraffe (It looked more like a turtle though) and it blew up first fire. >.<>

Lately I've been reading Nana and Fruits Basket. They're so good! And Fruits Basket is almost over. :'( I'm on number 22. I will definately miss it. Kyo~~~! Haha I'm a nerd. And Nana just gets better and better. I loved Mika Nakashima in the movie. :0 I just don't like how they pretty much alternated every character for the 2nd one. -_-;; But the manga is good, as well. I am on number 15! Almost done with this one! Can't wait till the next one comes out, but that will probably be a while. :/

Ha I had the girls do that with me. Donno why. :0

So my 2nd class is Government! And guess who is in there with me?! Can ya guess?

The one and only lovely Ashley~! Haha Man this class is great. I have to sit way on the left side though away from everyone. :0 Over by Devin. XD Haha he's a crazy kid. Tiarra keeps me company though. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of these people yet, lol. Just bear with me.

I didn't take any more pictures at school. Which I should have!! But I'm lazy. I went and played with this crazy kid after school today though! Mr. One-year-old Tyler Ace Reyes! We were playing ghost. XD We were acting like we were scared and he loved it!

YAY! A crooked picture!!! XD

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