Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh wow I really haven't updated in forever! I apologize for that!
It's been too long to fill ya in on whats been up so far except that I'm almost done with school!
Woo! So close! Then in July- 1st through the 5th- I'm going to see Morning Musume at Anime Expo and sing in front of Tsunku as well!
My heart is beating like crazy just thinking about it!

But first I must deal with something scary...
In thirty minutes I'll be at the dentist...
Getting my wisdom teeth removed! T-T Nooo~
It is so scary!
I'm so nervous. And I'll look like a puffy chipmunk afterwards. :(
And I don't like applesauce.
But that's gonna be about the only thing I will be able to eat. -_-;;;
Well wish me luck please!
Waaaaa~~~~ o.o

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