Saturday, June 20, 2009

SO hi guys! I havent updated my blog with pictures in quite a while. I know it's been a long time because there are still unshown pictures on my phone from late april/early may. Oh boy. Well, let me assure you that I'll try and be better about updates from now on! This post goes over the earliest time, to just Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember which. Yes, I took pictures post-wisdom tooth surgery. But no, I don't look like a chipmunk because it had pretty much been a week. :) Heeeeere we go.

Quite a while ago, me and Ashley went to Panda Express and Best Buy and Kohl's for the heck of it. We took the above picture at Kohl's while trying on random sunglasses! I must say, I should get white ones. I love them. Ashley's though I think were too big. XD

The picture above is after a bad experience at Best Buy.... I felt like such a bad person! We went in there and I was already acting like I was on drugs by giggling SO much and doing strange things in general. Then we went to look at the car stereo system section and there was this awesome thing where it was a circle and you go in and there are surrounding speakers and radios in front of you. It was playing LOUD LOUD LOUD music at the time. Like, you could hear it throughout the entire store clearly. So Ashley just decided to push a button to switch radios and it ended up turning it off. Then she pressed another one to see if it would go back and..... there was a BURST of static sound SHHHHHHAAAAA~~~! So loud! It echoed through the store and we ran away out of the circle which was a bad idea because then how would it stop?! It went on for a very annoying 30 seconds. Three guys that worked there looked straight at us and one guy ran to turn it off. They all gave us very dirty looks.... That was very humiliating, I think.
Just a picture with My mom, me, and Lizzie. And Cameron in the back in the cart. XD
My mom was taking forever in the store and I was waiting in the car with nothing to do, so I took the above two pictures out of boredom. Well, there were more, but I don't want to flood this with those.
When she came back I took this picture of the both of us! She was doing the peace sign, but it cut off one finger and it looks like she's doing something naughty. Ohohoho!
The monkey above is my favorite stuffed animal! I sleep with this handsome young monkey every night.
On the way to the park! ^
We arrived at the park and had fun on the playground with the kids! I'm still a kid at heart, so I joined in.

This was the last day I would be in the class I always took pictures in - Ceramics. I was clearly sad.

Me and Ashley eating ice cream on the last lunch at AJHS!

Our buddies Chayla and Joey! I didn't even realize Joey snuck in there! Haha I love that kid. I will miss these two very very much.

Me, my mom, Lizzie, and Cameron went to Chuckie Cheese! The above two pictures were from there! It was a lot of fun, except there was this middle aged man hogging a game that all of us really wanted to play. It gave you so many tickets! He never left it though. Creepy old man. And the last picture there is me holding another picture that we got of me and Lizzie! Chuckie drew it! (It was a machine) Haha

Random mama picture!! ATTACK!

Me and Ashley at the Senior assembly at school. This assembly is to honor the graduating seniors. They always have a comedian to perform for us. This one was very funny! I enjoyed it so much! Notice behind us that there is one boy in the middle of a bunch of empty seats. This boy is called "Vampire Kid" at our school because he claims to drink blood and fly. It is indeed a tall tale, but it's sad how people bully him like that. Behind his love of blood and men, he isnt that bad. He actually likes Japanese music and Anime too. Why am I not next to him? Maa ne...

So! I have never really successfully curled my own hair before! this was a first! How is it?!

I stayed the night at Breanna's house! We went swimming in her pool that day! It was very tiring! But she had a slide! It was so fuuuunnnn!

This is something weird.... Pancakes with frosting on it. Hahahaha~! When you are craving cake, but do not have any, I reccomend this! It's actually quite tasty and close to the taste of cake....

I hung out with Kevin this day! We had so much fun and took pictures! SO CUTE! <3

The three above pictures were from a few days ago! I was not wearing makeup in the first one, an I'm not afraid to admit it! Mikaela just out of nowhere showed up at my house and we went to her Grandma's old house to check up on it because she is going to have a pool party there soon for her birthday that was on May 15th! I know it's a long time in between, but it's ok! It will definitely be fun! This house was so big! And it was gorgeous. I wish I lived in it! XD

So thats all for now! Sorry I didnt take any for my birthday, but it was a fun day! We all went to sunsplash all day then came home and ate strawberry cake! MMM~!


  1. hi Bekah cool blog you look so much like your mom:) just wanted to request poker face by lady gaga i saw it on your you tube channel love all the dances keep it up take care

  2. It is a little bit late:

    Happy Birthday Bekah!

    Best of luck to you!

    Manny20092009 (from YouTube)