Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow my mouth is already feeling loads better.
I'm eating ice cream right now YAY! ^^

And I got an interesting message on youtube this morning...
From Music Japan TV!
They wanna put me and Ashley on.
I am pretty excited to hear from them again.
I asked them some questions and I can't wait till they're answered.
Some people told me I better not "go all amerikajinmusume" on them.
Which I reassure you I probably wont.
I'm a huuuge H!P fan, current and old.
So no worries about bashing, because I am a female mowota.

I doubt I will get much out of this, but if I do, wish me and Ashley all sorts of luck! <3


  1. What's "amerikajinmusume"? I know what it means, but is it referencing something/someone? ~~~~Ulrock7777 (Did I ask this already...?"

  2. Oh it's referring to the youtube dancer from maybe two years ago almost three.
    She's the one that pretty much started it all.
    She got onto Haromoni@ and everything.
    But after a while she stopped dancing and on her blog she told all H!P fans to leave her alone and that H!P sucks.
    She bashed them pretty hard.
    Said that she was paid to be on Haromoni@.
    But recently she apologized in a video.
    Her new youtube username is "Chelseagull", but she doesn't do H!P dances anymore. Just random videos.