Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ashley came over to my house and we danced our little booties off!
We uploaded two videos each!
Me: Tokaikko Junjou and Hajimete no Keiken (Like I promised)
Ashley: Ne~e version 2 and
Next I'm planning on doing 2NE1's "Fire" and maybe Perfume's "Dream Fighter"
I'm learning those pretty well.
And Look forward to Ashley dancing to Son Dam Bi's "Crazy"! It will be a very sexy side of Ashley....

Also, today I got my ID! My picture turned out well! I thought I was going to mess it up by closing one eye or looking away, but I didn't! It was cute. ^^
So now I'm all set to go on the plane next Wednesday!
I think I will pack early.
Today. Haha.
Because I'm so excited.

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