Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm so sorry these posts aren't as interesting lately!
I can't take pictures because of my puffy face. XD;
And I can't go many places either for the same reason...
I'm so bored sitting at home all day eating baby food and mashed potatoes.
The ice cream is good though. :D
But you just wait!
Anime Expo will be awesome.
And me and Ashley are making videos on it!
It's quite exciting, isn't it?!
If you're also going, you know how we're feeling now!!

Also! I just made an account on niconico douga!
There! ^
My username is the same - bekluvsdiru.
But I only have 4 simple videos up there at the moment.
Because.... it takes forever!! And some of the videos are above 100mb.
So I must make those smaller and upload more later/tomorrow.
Look forward to it YAY YAY!
And I'm also slow at it because my Japanese is quite mediocre. ^^;;

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