Monday, June 29, 2009

This last weekend I saw a movie in theaters for the first time in a loooong time!
I saw "The Proposal"!
It was so funny!
I loved it so much!
We were originally going to see "Drag Me to Hell" but it started too late and Ashley and her boyfriend had work in the morning. XD
I know if I saw that movie I would have nightmares for sure.
I'm a huge wimp when it comes to scary movies. :(

And then the next day I went swimming and shopping with my family!
We're trying to teach the kids how to swim.
They aren't getting it at all. ^^;
But they're trying very hard.
I'm proud of them!

Today it's back to watching the kids!
So I will be bored to tears again.
I will surf the internet alllll day. Sigh.

I'm worrying about one thing though.
I was dumb and opened a new checking account with Wells Fargo.
And I'm not getting my card for a while because they mail it to you. -_-;
So I won't have it in time for Anime Expo.
And since I deposited $250 on Saturday, it isn't showing up in my account yet.
So that's making me nervous.
And I have to withdrawl it all and put it on Ashley's card now.
Man I'm so stressed right now.
I hope everything goes according to plan.
And I hope we get there safely.
I'm excited and nervous!! AHH!


  1. こんにちは~
    ダンス上手いね。 けど、歌は歌わないの?

    Your dance is very nice, but do not you want to sing?
    I am a fan of Morning Musume and going to LA.
    Let's have a fan there^^.

  2. I do like singing, but I'm still a bit shy.^^;
    I will see you there in LA!
    It will be so much fun!!

  3. Are you going to try AX Idol in LA? I think you should.
    check here. つんく is one of judjes.

  4. Both me and Ashley were going to. We signed up, but I don't think we're going through with it because the booth selling the tickets for the autograph sessions are opening at the same time as AX Idol. And they will run out of tickets by the time it's over. And I hear Tsunku is only judging the finals and not the auditions. They only pick 5 people for the finals out of 154 or so people. I wont make it. XP There are always such great singers in AX Idol.

  5. Yes I also heard that Tsunku only judge the finalists.
    But I think Tsunku is looking for american member of hello project very serously now. so he will check all of participants by video like he usually do.
    Anyway, let's have a fun^^.

  6. Hello Bekah.
    You dance is nice.

    If you'd like...
    Please try dance >>> "Toroden"
    It may be difficult.