Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me and Ashley just got back from LA on the 5th!
I must say, it was the BEST week of my life.
We couldn't relax much, and waited out in the sun several times and have the sunburns to prove it.
All of our work was worth it though!

Day 0-
We arrived! I wanted to kiss the ground. I hate planes so much!! Luckily it was only a 50 minute flight. Haha
But we dropped our bags off at the Miyako Hotel in Little Tokyo and set right off on foot to the LA Convention Center for registration! The walk wasn't too bad. Only about 2.5 miles. But the problem was a huge hill on one of the roads. That was a problem later on when we had sore legs from running around AX.... But it wasn't horrible. We had breakfast first at Farm Cafe because someone said registration didn't open until 12 or something. We had Crepes and Waffles. :D But when we got back out, everyone was moved to the opposite side of LACC, so we were already in the 2nd line.... But they moved lines over so we ended up being in the front of the 4th line - D. Which normally isn't supposed to be a bad spot at all. But just in case we had Dan (Danzarely2 on youtube) wait with another girl we met, at another line which was for the concert tickets. We were first in line! Registration was a mess because the computers were all buggy. They were going to actually skip over just our line apparently and let everyone else go to the computers that worked. I don't know it was hard to explain but we got our badges and got in line with Dan anyway. The man at the ticket line said the 1st row was blocked off, and that we had 2nd in section D, which was Center! We were still happy. (Even though later on we found out row 1 was blocked off for the people from Hello!Online Forums who complained about us using our strategy which wasn't against the rules, and so they got front row seats. Big babies.) The rest of the day we devoted to unpacking at the hotel and looking around in Little Tokyo. The Mochi was delicious!!!

Day 1 - The first day of Anime Expo. We skipped the Opening Ceremonies and went straight in line for the Exhibition Hall! This was where we could get our guaranteed autograph tickets if we bought a little bit of goods from Momusu and Hangry&Angry. We were right after all of the Japanese people in line! They flew all the way to LA from Japan just to see Morning Musume! Those are dedicated fans. They were all pretty funny. We were there from 6:00 in the morning! Can you believe that?! So I wondered when they got there. O_O;;; Haha Well then we all moved outside. Then the Japanese men started doing wotagei to a few H!P songs. Me and Ashley joined in for a while. We tried dancing to Shouganai Yumeoibito, but I was soooo nervous, which isn't like me at all. I messed up so much because my legs were shaking! Haha but I think we still might have done an OK job because we got our pictures taken with a few people and this cuuute little Japanese girl! And this Japanese man gave us some rare-looking goods! They were badges from past tours in Japan. Ashley got one from the Ribbon no Kishi play in 2006, and I got one from the Sexy 8 Beat tour in 2007. They were all so nice! I'm so grateful we were next to them in line. There were maybe 20 of them too! It's amazing. We also met so many more people who recognized us from youtube, and just people we made friends with! The guys from JPHip were so nice. I might just join their forum! But I'm still loyal to JPM... Haha. We got in at 12:00, 6 hours and a sunburn later. It was worth the wait because we got our tickets for MM and Yossie! We had to go to the Q&A Panel next. It started at 2:00pm, so we had to wait while a Seiyuu was having his time. It was the one for Sephiroth and just about everything else I think... XD So we enjoyed that. But Ashley wanted to go back to the Goods booth to get the rest of the stuff we wanted. She was gone too long and Sephiroth's panel ended! I was following these two cool guys and Allen (Who you all might know as TakeoRay, I suppose) and they helped us get through a huge crowd! This crowd pushed through pretty hard and pushed against me too... I was so scared, but I had someone pulling me along so I was ok. We ended up getting a decent seat and I had to run and get Ashley. We finally saw Momusu walk in and I bawled like a baby. And Allen got a picture of it. XD Haha. It was just so unreal.... I don't know how to describe it. The people who went probably understand this feeling. Like, the girls I have watched over the internet for years and never imagined seeing in person were right there in front of me. It gives me goosbumps thinking about it! The Q&A was cute and I loved the Janken with Reina! Haha And Sayumi's ditzy slip of mistaking Hollywood for Paris. :P Which I doubt was an accident. After that, we just BARELY got tickets to the autographs! This moment was the most hectic of them all. No one - absolutely no one - knew where to go. Not even the people working at Anime Expo. There was a stampede of the 500 people who got tickets running arount the convention center. My shoe broke twice, and one guy stepped on it and broke it again. I ended up just running half barefoot through to the place we had to be. Finally! We were only 153 and 154 in line. Or somewhere around there. We were thinking "Oh out of 500... thats not bad at all!" But unfortunately.... verrrryyyy bad luck hit us. The door closed at 150. Yeah. We were THAT close to having this experience. From what I hear, this session allowed you at least like 30 seconds with each girl. Man, I would have loved that. We just took a big sigh and left to get more goods. Then finally went home. We were so worn out from running all day. We fell asleep early that night.

I'm too sleepy to finish this now. Part two will include Day 2 (the concert) and Day 3 (Signing) .
I will post all the pics later when I recieve all of them from everyone. XD I didn't bring my own camera....


  1. ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン  (( ^。^)サ^^ なになに?   i have just arrived ur BLOG from...kayakkya`s blog wowowoowo

    i can not wait ur NEXT report about....MOMUSU in LA?? hahhhaha

    i asseeme....they would so HONERD becouse,,,,,,one of the most famous youtube dancers like you girls,,,,really did ENJOY thier visit to USA....XXDDDD

    we all of ur jpn youtube fans are LOOKING forword to seeing you girl`s awesome videos,,,so GOOD luck and hang in there <33XXDDD


    ken from osaka in japan.....

    ps,,,i have just send add as a friend to ur youtube page XXDD

  2. Thx Bekah!! That was interesting!!
    I heard that many young japanese people stay at their parents, even afterhaving a job(rents in urban areas are insane!)So some spent a lot of money for their hobbys, like anime expo L.A or skiing for two days ( like my cousin Mari) She flew from Osaka to Hokkaido for that.Well I don#t blame her since holidays are quite small there....Oh late for work... gotta go^^