Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey again guys~!
I know I might not be able to blurt this out yet, but I'm excited.
Two things.
My group is called Cruel Angels,
And we're officially signed on the same label as Perfume!! :D
When I get fully updated on everything that's happening and when I get the feeling like it's okay to.... I'll tell you all about it!! Everything! Haha.
Wish me luck guys~~!


  1. Cruel Angels????????????

    officially signed on the same label as Perfume!! .........??????

    OMGGGG!!!!....not sure ...what u are talking about....BUTTTT,,,uhuhh..DEF it seems happend on ur LIFE???

    Perfume<^^^^^===== J POP electlic girls groop right??

    anyways....WE are looking forword to HERELING everything about near future <333XXDD

    ps.....mayby....still SEACRET..right????

    pss,,,,our groop????? are there other menbers?? uhuhuhu...

    ken from osaka in japannnnn

    HANG IN THERE bekahhhhhhhhh channnn

  2. Yes, that perfume!
    And it is still a little bit of a secret...
    And yeeesss there are other members!
    You will see!!!
    Thank you so much for supporting me. ^^

  3. Good Luck Beckah!! (^-°)

    I think with a label like that things will great!