Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I just recorded my dance to C-ute's Shochu Omimai Moshiagemasu!
I can't put it on my youtube, but it will be up on youtube soon!
I'm not sure when yet, but it will be there.
In the meantime, watch my videos you haven't watched yet! :D

Anywho, today was a normal day.
Watching kids and spongebob, cleaning, and having a headache.

I heard the movie "Ichi the Killer" was recently re-released!
I know that movie is a bit.... bloody... and scary... but I don't know why - it's one of my favorites.
I usually don't like scary movies much, but this one is absolutely worth the queasy feeling I get from it.
I reccommend it to anyone who likes foreign horror films.
It might not even be horror - just sadomasochism? Yeah.


  1. 暑中お見舞い申し上げます。-----しょちゅうおみまいもうしあげます。----->chochuomimai moshi agemasu

    in japan,,,,,,well....we do have OLD or tradisitional costam like......exchenge post cards around midole of july.....then we do write this word as TYPICAL greetings hahahha

    ohhhh....you did recorded that dance,,,,,,wowoowo....we can not wait see ur new dance hahah

    we wonder what kayakkya is doing in TOKYO ahahha....if she do take HER dance video somewhere MIDOLE of harajuku or shibuya<---------IT would be sensation tho,,,,,,,LOTS of people would GATTERe around that amazing dancer <333XXDD

    well say hello to ur awesome friend ashureey?? asureey??

    have a FAN in HOT arizona hahah

    ken and his friends from osaka in japannnnnn SAYONARAAAA

  2. Thanks!
    Kyakyaa is doing the same dance actually!
    Look forward to them both. :)
    And she is having lots of fun in Japan!
    She told me about it on facebook. Haha
    I wish I could visit Japan sometime soon.

    And Ashley has a blog too!