Monday, July 13, 2009

With the kids today!
So I have been online looking around.
I'm thinking of buying clothes online.
These caught my eye.... Sooo....

What do you think??
Do you think they will look good on me?
I'm loving one pieces lately...
I can only buy a few at a time.
I might only buy the first two this time, then see what else comes up in two more weeks.
I'm going to get addicted to online shopping soon. XD


  1. Yes, cute!!.....o.k. well.. I can't see them..^^^ Probably it is my Computer or it takes some time until I can see them in Europe(Germany). I can see you sitting on a ball. XD

    I like online shopping too, since I live in a small town. Only with running shoes I have had some bad experiences. Maybe my foot measurements are weird. So I resold them. lol

    Almost midnight. I gotta go to bed. XD

  2. Oops! Sorry haha I fixed those pictures. XD;;;

  3. I think that they are cute and you will look great wearing them! ^^'t know they were selling in Japan, too.

    Seriously, I know this brand. It is one of the brands from the British company Uttam.


    My ex-girlfriend loved their dresses. She was like....Sienna Miller and Nicole Ritchie are wearing this brand, too.
    and I was like.... who!??what???

    ....on the other hand this one is Yumi with a heart. So maybe it is a completely different Japanese company.

  4. Thanks!

    And I don't know much about the brand but it says this:
    Established in 2008, up-and-coming Taiwanese label YUMI is no mere follower of passing trends. The brand integrates facets of each season's trends into casual wear designs, forming a collection of separates for young women that are wearable but still fashionable. Always putting comfort first, YUMI uses quality fabrics with interesting textures for its pieces ranging from the classic tee to the boyfriend cardigan. YUMI proves that simple and casual minimalist designs can go a long way.


    So even though it has Japanese wording, I suppose it's Taiwanese?
    Lol I don't know.
    But I love their clothes. :D

    And I like some dresses at that website you gave me too! Lol You're making my addiction go deeper. XD

  5. Oops lol thx for correcting my error..and thank you for doing it in a nice way. You are really a kind person..°°

    Well that's so me, I am afraid:

    Manny, Master of false logic deduction lol ^^

    Always a bit embarassing. I get things often wrong or it takes me way too long to understand.(but I am working on that)xD

    " 殺し屋1 " might not even be horror - just sadomasochism? WOW Bekah you really surprise me!

    Guess what, here in Germany this movie is banned. The fourth or fifth largest weapons manufacturer and they are worrying about banning Japanese cult movies or first person shooter computer games. I really don't get human nature.

  6. EH?! The movie is banned?!
    I can see why kinda... it's really gory.
    But not really enough to be completely banned!
    You should download it then. Or will you get in trouble?
    I don't know much about movie banning laws.
    America makes extremely bloody movies, too, so there isn't much to ban for us. ^^;

  7. Oh, I bought it when it was still legal. The uncut version.

    Not sure if possesing it is illegal. Honestly I don't care. F.... them!

    Really that is a bold movie recommendation.^^

    Mine is...well... hm I pm you that
    I am not so bold XD