Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Day 2:

This was the day of the concert! We couldn't find the line anywhere when we got to LACC. But that was ok, we had good seats. We relaxed with some Starbucks for a while. Dan found it when he got there, then we went to where he was, and of course it had to be outside. This was where I got a huge sunburn! And so many new freckles. But the wait wasn't bad because we had great people to stand with! We were all sitting in the same row as well! Ironic and very good to hear. We stood mainly with Beka (Ayu_Hikaru from JPM) and her friends and Dan and Zin and a few others. Me, Beka and her friend got interviewed by Otaku USA magazine and got our photo taken! So look for that! I was too nervous and excited to say a lot, but it happened! Haha And we picked up a new hand motion from the Japanese men! I can't describe it, but you kinda clap and swoop your hands up and down and go "WEEEEEOOOOW" Haha I dont know. Maybe I'll do it in a video sometime. As a joke or something. Well we went in and I fell walking to our seat. XD Haha I'm so clumsy. But I got right back up and excited again! It felt like forever before the concert started! They were playing weird classical American rock songs that didn't really fit in. But finally when the concert began~~~ WOOOOO! So much dancing and singing and just having fun! The song choice was very good! I got so pumped up when they played How Do You Like This Japan?!! I normally don't listen to it, but hearing it live is so much more.... I don't know.... it is just better. After, they announced the winners of the contest and everything - congratz to them - and Yossie came out on stage!! Me and Ashley were in tears! THEN TSUNKU! I cried so much! Haha this was surreal. Then after, we tried getting them to do an encore so we could do the happy bday thing for Sayu and Koha, but they never came back. Me and Ashley got a chance to talk to the translator that was up on stage with Tsunku, and he said the girls really wanted to come back out and they were so happy that we wanted more, but their manager wouldn't allow it. They had to go to their next event apparently. He said he would tell them Happy Birthday for us. ^^ I'm glad we talked to him. So after the concert, we went straight to the autographs for Yossie!!! I almost cried. I got to shake her hand! It was all a big blur because I was freaking out! She is so beautiful and I probably looked sweaty and sunburnt. Lol We then got a ride back to our hotel from Dan and Zin. While we were in there, we found out they were at the ramen shop across the street called "Mr. Ramen." Me and Ashley knew that place from before when we eplored Little Tokyo! So we went over to join them. Right after, we went to pick up Kagura from LACC and went straight to the Hello!Party at the Sheraton. This party was so fun! The games were perfect! Right when we got there, the Trivia game started! Me and Ashley joined in on team Sayu! we lost, unfortunately, but it was a good game. ^^ Then the Karaoke game! Dan, Ashley, and Zin joined in, but I sat that one out. I was too shy that time. XD But they all did very good! After, it was the Telephone drawing game! For some reason these pictures turned into something very.... strange. The one I was in... I SWORE it was a helicopter. But.... can you guess what it really was? I bet you can't. It was originally a WHALE. Really? How does that work? And Ashley's guess was gold. On hers, it looked like.... some.... weird pincushion. But her guess "Is it a baby?" Hahaha It looked nothing like a baby! It was supposed to be a pot of water on a stove. the next game was the bura bura dangling game. I was in that too! Haha I know normally when we see this game on Hello Morning we make fun of those girls who make such a big deal out of it. But in reality.... it is SO SCARY! I cried. Everyone was screaming and yelling "No way! How could they do that!" And it made me nervous. It turned out to be a tennis racket..... Sigh..... Ridiculous. Haha thennnnn it was time to be taught some wotagei!! First was C-ute's Tokaikko Junjou! Me, Ashley, Majikurumaruchan2 (from youtube) and another talllll boy got up in front on stage and danced the real dance while the men did wota dances on the floor! Then miki's Romantic Ukare Mode! We did wotagei with them!! There is a video on youtube of it! It's funny~! Haha We continued all this and then we all sang karaoke! I did Iroppoi Jirettai with Beka, Dan, and Zin. Then all our friends did Chokkan 2 together! It was a fun and tiring night that went on a long time.

Day 3:

This day was a bit more calm. We woke up at a normal time and left when we wanted to and got to the Autograph line and we were 189 and 190 in line. We didn't think we would get an autograph this time either, which we didn't, but we just went pretty much for something to do. We met a couple more people, who were Allen's (TakeoRay's) friends. Alan and Andrew. They were so funny! We had a good time. After the door shut on us again, we went right to the next autograph session that guaranteed us entrance! We ate lunch while waiting and then we finally got in to meet the girls!! They were in a weird order so a guy was fixing the order of my photocards for signing and while I was waiting me and Aika had a little moment. XD Haha She wasn't signing anything at the moment at she looked over at me and made cute little faces at me and I made them back and we waved so much at eachother. Lol I don't know why. It was just.... so cute. Haha. And Reina seemed to take forever signing things! She was making a detailed peace of art it seemed. Her hair was amazing. :D LinLin was very sweet and so was Ai! Me, Dan, Ashley, and Zin did a 4-person MAYUGEEE BEEEAAAMMM to Gakisan! She almost flew out of her chair haha. It was so cute! And then we moved on to Eri who was sweet but I feel bad I didnt give her much attention. ^^; And Aika - who was adorable again - and then to Sayu! I told her she was my favorite and she seemed very happy to hear it! ^^ And I had her do the usa chan peace! woo! And then Koharu! She kept staring at me throughout the line and I was wondering why the whole time. She finally pointed toward my sunglasses and said "OH BEAUTIFOO BEAUTIFOO!" So that's why, huh? She liked them! Haha I'm glad! Now I will wear them proudly. XD Last but not least was JunJun! She was so beautiful in person! Perhaps more than on camera! And her english is very good! It was so crazy seeing them and talking to them.... It got me a bit emotional. XD We then stayed to watch an act that was happening in the Exhibition hall. The girl group was called "C-Zone". They were so cute! I liked their music and I LOVED their dances! I give them thumbs up! Look them up! Me and Ashley went to the Hotel after that, and we just went to sleep. She was really tired. I wanted to go out again that night, but that never happened. My alarm didnt go off very loud I suppose. Sigh. Then the next morning we were off and back at home!

It was a fun time. But very very complicated. I didn't put all the details here, but this is the basic feeling of it. I'll put pictures all in a post next time or something haha. <3

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  1. The concert was shoter than we expected because of OPV things, right? So I thought there sholud be an encore and called musume a lot, but they did not come back. I was very disappointed because it was not Japanese way.
    However, I am happy now because I heared form you that morning musume wanted to come back. Thank you. But I still want to complain to UFA about the decision of the manager for next time^^.