Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi everyone! Thank you to those who checked the link I posted.
Today I started using twitter. I still am unsure about it, but since most people do it, I'm doing it too. :)
Follow me there!

By the way, soon I will be traveling to Japan.
Maybe within the next couple months.

And today I was bored so I took pictures of my verrrryyy small CD collection.
I haven't really spent much on CDs lately. But now that I have a paying job, this collection will grow!!
Unfortunately, my Morning Musume autographs are not included in these pictures, but I will show them later when we unpack them!
My Morning Musume stuff (Not much haha):

Tanaka Reina's RE: Return photobook, Platinum9Disco concert photobook, Niigaki Risa's Isshun photobook, Morning Musume all singles DVD, Love Machine, Shouganai Yumeoibito, Best Morning Musume 2, Platinum 9 Disc (Both Limited DVD and normal editions), Kanashimi Twilight, Pepper Keibu Limited w/PB, and Morning Curry concert.

Platinum 9 Disco Poster, Morning Musume uchiwa from 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts, AX Autograph ticket, Sexy 8 Beat tour badge.

Here are some photocards:

Hangry&Angry photos, Morning Musume photos, and several older photos, and Kusumi's Platinum 9 Disc card.

Other Hello!Project Artists:

HelloPro Party 2006 Maki Goto Captain Kouen, Best Shot (I forgot what volume - 12?), Ongaku Gatas' Yattarouze!, Hangry&Angry Album, Natsumi Abe Too Far Away, Amasugita Kajitsu, The Stress, Berryz Koubou Munasawagi Scarlet Single V, Matsuura Aya Kizuna, Country Musume Daizenshu 2.

Johnny's CDs:

Tegomasu's Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~, NEWS' Hoshi wo Mezashite, NEWS' Pacific, NEWS' weeeek, NEWS' Color, KAT-TUN's Cartoon Kattun 2 you.

Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, and Yuna Ito:

Ayumi's My story, rainbow, Missunderstood,Iam..., BoA's Best of soul, Yuna Ito's wish.

Jrock stuff:

Signed Dir en grey poster, Mana poster, Kaoru poster, LM.C Poster, Shoxx & Cure magazines, Dir en grey post cards, bumper sticker, The gazette sticker, Gackt Diabolos, Gazette's stacked rubbish, 2 Miyavi music video dvds, Miyavi's miyavism cd, Dir en grey's marrow of a bone, ryojoku no ame, average fury dvd, average psycho dvd.

DBSK(TVXQ) & Super Junior:

All 5 members "All about DBSK 2" posters, DBSK's o-repackaged album, DBSK's Mirotic album, DBSK's 2006 rising sun live, and picture that came with it, Super Junior's first album, Super junior T's rokkugo album, super juniors 3rd album, Super Junior attack on the pinup boys notebooks, super junior photo packs.

Other Korean Artists:

Big Bang's 1st and 2nd mini albums, Lee Hyori's 3rd album, Jang Woo Hyuk's 1st Album, Wonder Girls' 1st album, So hot, Girls Generation's Sweet memories, SMTown 2007 summer.

American CDs, Canary Club, and Obis from other CDs:

Obis, Rihanna's 1st and 2nd album, Gwen Stefani's 2nd album, backstreet boys best album, 2 canary club singles that Ashley gave me. They're so cute!

Yeah so that's it! <3>


  1. Hi Bekah!

    Wow that is quite a collection you have!^^

    Going to Japan? Hey, that's great news. I am very happy for you!

    I wish I could go there any time soon. It is a great country!
    Most of the time I was in Osaka and Tokyo, where my relatives live.

    Here are my travel tips:

    1)Most Japanese people are a bit insecure with English. So better not expect them to talk English to you.

    2)My favorite seasons are spring then autumn and winter. I can't take the Japanese summer. It is so hot and humid. At night it doesn't cool down. I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep. That made me very grumpy. Summer time in Osaka was REALLY not fun.
    3)sending money to Japan when you are in trouble
    Once I had to send my mother money during her last Japan visit. She doesn't have a credit card So I thought Western Union....Yeah there are no agents in Japan. I put cash in an envelope and mailed it. Now she has a credit card , thank God.

    4)Only in Tokyo are some English signs. The rest of Japan doesn't usually have English signs. So better know your Kanji.^^

    5)further tips
    Maybe Emily has a few more tips. Check her out :
    Her Japanese is better than mine (but I am working on that). I think she went to Japan as a student and signed on a model agency and/or music agency.

    You must be a bit careful with some of those agencies, because occasionally them are under the control of the Yakuza which are no nice guys.

    Next week I will have holidays. I will go to France and I will visit my mother who lives in Southern Germany. I will fix something at her house (there always is), mow the lawn and trim the bushes......yeah. I know, but it is some kind of tradition now.^-^

    Please take lots of pictures and make another great post.^^ I am really interested in your opinion about Japan.

    Best wishes!


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