Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey guys!
Lately I've been happy and stressed and tired and excited... just all at the same time!
I'm really trying hard so I can get more views on Niconico and Youtube.
Any suggestions for dances that will get lots of attention?

I know most of you watch me on Youtube, but can you do me a favor and check out my Niconico videos too?
Just search either "Bekah" or "bekluvsdiru" on
It's the same stuff I upload on Youtube, but I would appreciate the help.

I love you guys.
More than you could know.


  1. Please make a video with you speaking Japanese!!!

  2. Nice to meet you Bekah.
    I am Japanese.
    My name is Masa
    Youtube was seen and it was interested in you.
    I am not good at English.
    If English can be spoken, I want to speak with Skype in reality.

  3. Hare Hare Yukai might get you more noticed, but you never know really. Maybe a tutorial to a popular dance would get you views.

  4. perfume songs get a lot of attention. and many people like Night Flight. so maybe that's a good dance to do?